Neve Campbell in Wild Things.

Wild Things

By Mark Abraham · Apr 18, 2013

A Matt Lib works in the same way a Mad Lib does, only it involves a Matt.

Print this out or write directly onto your computer monitor. Fill out the spaces below and then fit your answers into the corresponding lines in the following script involving Matt Dillon, thereby completing his adventure.

This story is from the movie Wild Things. SAM LOMBARDO (Matt Dillon) is a high school guidance counselor. This is his introduction in the movie, as well as our introduction to RAY DUQUETTE (Kevin Bacon), SUZIE MARIE TOLLER (Neve Campbell), KELLY LANIER VAN RYAN (Denise Richards), and GLORIA PEREZ (Daphne Rubin-Vega). Use this game to charm people before you inevitably doublecross them.

1. VERB, JOB-RELATED ___________________
2. NOUN, FUNCTION OF (1) ___________________
3. VERB, MATRICULATION-RELATED ___________________
4. VERB ___________________
5. NOUN ___________________
6. NON-COMMITTAL RESPONSE ___________________
7. NOUN ___________________
9. EXCLAMATION ___________________
10. VERB, INDULGENT ___________________
11. VERB THAT SOUNDS SIMILAR TO (10), PEJORATIVE ___________________
12. RANDOM WORD ___________________
13. RANDOM WORD, RELATED TO (13) ___________________
14. RANDOM WORD, RELATED TO (13) ___________________
15. ORGANIZATION ___________________
16. NOUN ___________________
17. PEJORATIVE NOUN ___________________

(SAM is (1)__________ a (2)__________.)

NICOLE: When we (3)__________ the only thing I’m going to (4)__________ is…

(NICOLE nods to the (5)__________.)

NICOLE: Know what I mean? Kelly?

KELLY: (6)__________

SAM: We’ve come to the (7)__________ in my (8)__________. Beats study hall, doesn’t it?

JIMMY: (9)__________

SAM: Thank you, Jimmy.

JIMMY: Hey, man, at least in study hall I could (10)__________.

KIRK: He means (11)__________

SAM: Something Kirk with which I’m sure you have hands-on experience.

(SAM writes (12)__________ on the board.)

SAM: We’ve all heard the words: “(13)__________,” “(14)__________.” We’ve talked about some of these things in this room. Our speakers today head up the (15)__________—Detectives Ray Duquette and Gloria Perez. They’re here to give you what we hope will be a (16)__________ on these subjects, and to answer any questions you night have.

RAY: Thank you for having us. We’ll each talk for ten or fifteen minutes, then open it up to your questions…

SUZIE: I’m not going to listen to this (17)__________.

(SUZIE gets up and leaves.)

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