Trap Jaw

By Mark Abraham · Oct 04, 2013

Your Compatibility Score with Trap Jaw is 3.5/10

Trap Jaw's avatar.

Username: trap_man

Age: 45

Location: Eternia

Employment: Minion; Mechanic, Engineer, and Tool-User

I’m Like…

Personality: Being a jack of all trades, I tend to fluctuate. Which you’d think would make me an exciting propect, what with me being adaptable and content and spontaneous, but Eternia is filled with folks like me: Man-E-Faces, Two Bad, Tri-Clops. It’s exhausting how eccentric we all are, huh?

Likes: Calling ham “jambon” even though I don’t speak French. Cats. Mid-winter trips to Albuquerque. Preserved Myer lemons as an entrée. Laced with oil for my jaw, of course.

Hates: Snakes and ladders less than chutes and ladders, but that game in general.

The Most Private Thing I’m Willing To Admit: I really like Prince Adam. He’s always nice to me when we meet in the Eternia Mall food court or bump into each other at J. Crew, which we both really like.

I’m Looking For…

I have a metal mouth so you probably need a metal body. That said, I have a number of exciting attachments for my replaceable tool arm!

Trap Jaw’s Smushes

Applejack's cropped avatar.dem_sweet_apples says:
Do you have a toothbrush?
Champ O'Ryan's cropped avatar.the_champ says:
A golf club?
Dustbrain's cropped avatar.theres_dust_in_my_brain says:
Elephant trunk, you have?
Tamara's cropped avatar.tam_tam says:
Electric guitar?
Princess Allura's cropped avatar.alluring says:
Welding gun?
Bedtime Bear's cropped avatar.sleepy_lover says:
A plastic surgery magic wand? To fix your ugly face? Hah!
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