Mark Abraham's Fattened Liver

By Mark Abraham · Nov 15, 2013


from Mission Chinese: 1/2 order smashed cucumbers, 1/2 order chongqing chicken wings, 1/2 order pok pok pig tails, 1/2 order combination fried rice, & 1/2 order catfish stew a la sichuan, the collected spice of which gave your mouth this weird transcendental experience where pain and pleasure merged together into the same thing
from Schiller’s Liquor Bar: 1/2 order fried calamari, 1/2 order deviled eggs
from Shake Shack: 1 shack stack w/ fries & vanilla shake, which you mercifully didn’t really have to wait in line for, despite the fact that a whole student group showed up right in front of you, ‘cause they got their own line
from Meatball Shop: 1 hero w/ beef meatballs, tomato sauce, & mozzarella, because it was not quite 2 in the morning yet so it was open so why the fuck not?
from Ippudo: 1 order karaka men w/ kakuni, menma, & onsen tamago
from Schapiro’s: 1/2 order smoked fish selection & 6 oysters that you can’t remember what they were because you were pretty drunk already at like 7PM
from Sigmund’s Pretzels: 1 garlic parsley pretzel w/ whole grain mustard, except you don’t eat most of the mustard on account of how dijonish it was
from Downtown Bakery: 1 order chilaquiles w/ shredded steak & 1 whatever was left on dining partner’s plate from order of steak enchiladas in guajillo sauce w/ rice & beans, but anyways the guajillo sauce has been haunting your memory and you keep waking up in the middle of the night from dreams where you took a bath in the fucking stuff
from Cha Cha’s Cafe & Bar: 1 clearly reheated piece of pepperoni pizza that you only got because your partner was convinced that “a New York slice” was necessary before you left the next morning
from Russ and Daughters: 1 everything bagel w/ scottish lox, cream cheese, capers, onions, & tomatoes
from WD-50: 1 tasting menu
from Death & Company, mostly, but also other bars: 1 shit ton of alcohol, mostly in the form of bounce tests


Allow several days to digest, to let the flavors marry together.

Slice open stomach and remove liver.

Sauté in oil. Serve immediately.

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