Irma Langstein

By Mark Abraham · Nov 01, 2013

Your Compatibility Score with Irma Langstein is 3/10

Irma Langstein's avatar.

Username: irmie

Age: 46

Location: New York City

Employment: Channel 6 secretary; vigilante.

I’m Like…

Personality: Compassionate, sarcastic, and klutzy. It is a winning combination I know!

Likes: Cuttlefish, Q-Bert, the science of precise deep-frying, sticky buns, Orange is the New Black, and Sleater-Kinney. Also, I collect bone fragments and have several wonderful display cases that are also carved out of bone. Bone furniture.

Hates: Vern, Casey Jones, the Rat King, and foods that taste like sour.

If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone, Dead Or Alive: Yves Saint Laurent. I do love his glasses so.

I’m Looking For…

Heartbeats and fingers, oh my!

Irma Langstein’s Smushes

Castapella's cropped avatar.casta_girl says:
Did you get my email?
Six Shot's cropped avatar.sixtynineshots says:
I have asked you on 124 dates. Why will you not respond?
Brad's cropped avatar.bradalicious says:
I think it's because you're gross.
Six Shot's cropped avatar.sixtynineshots says:
That notion is nonsense!
Scarlett's cropped avatar.scarlettxk1 says:
Maybe you should change into your sixth form "Sulkbot" so you can go off into the corner and sulk.
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