Cropped In Gut's House album cover.

Top Albums of the 1980s, Package #9

By Mark Abraham & Dom Sinacola · Oct 05, 2012

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20. Y Pants:
Y Pants EP

(99; 1980)

Give this sticker to a fan fiction writer, a word jumble player. Someone who believes short and perfect is as epic as long and rambling; someone who runs washing lines just to hear the sound.

19. Maria McKee:
Maria McKee

(Geffen; 1989)

Give this sticker to a starving artist, an ingenue. Someone who believes in the elliptical rhyme; someone who likes pageants; someone who knows you can’t blame this brilliance for Honey Boo Boo.

18. Talking Heads:
Remain in the Light

(Sire; 1980)

Give this sticker to a cut-up, a cut-out, a silhouette. Someone who applies to classifieds calling for archetypes; someone who will after years of friendship assault your every expectation with a lengthy, hemorrhagic tongue-kiss.

17. Shop Assistants:
Shop Assistants

(Blue Guitar; 1986)

Give this sticker to an x-ray technician, a nuclear plant worker. Someone who sees inside of things; someone who makes the invisible matter; someone who fission-shimmies their way into the spotlight.

16. Mission of Burma:

(Ace of Hearts; 1982)

Give this sticker to a cabal leader, a stunt person. Someone who puts their body on the line; someone who feels hearts beating; someone who speaks in tongues, but only about the Kardashians.

15. Ut:
In Gut's House

(Blast First; 1987)

Put this sticker under your pillow. When the Tooth Fairy comes to collect, bite out its throat like you’re motherfucking Jack Bauer. Like your agency lies within the bell of your torso. Go back to sleep. Give this sticker to an infantilist.

14. After Dinner:
Paradise of Replica

(RecRec; 1989)

Give this sticker to a french horn player, a bowling lane designer. Someone who must merge unlike with unlike; someone who sits comfortably next to themselves; someone who unfinished sentence.

13. ESG:
Come Away With ESG

(99; 1983)

Don’t give this sticker to anybody. Keep it behind glass and only show it off at parties.

12. Theatre of Hate:

(Burning Rome; 1982)

Give this sticker to a performance artist, a nurse. Someone who works long hours; someone who say words with meaning; someone who holds poses that imprint themselves upon your eyes.

11. Smegma:
Nattering Naybobs of Negativity

(Dead Man's Curve; 1988)

Give this sticker to that inevitable group of kids that lives in the sewers or something in all stories with post-apocalyptic settings. They’ll really like it. It will be the new punk music.

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