Cropped King's Record Shop album cover.

Top Albums of the 1980s, Package #8

By Mark Abraham & Dom Sinacola · Oct 04, 2012

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30. Thinking Plague:
In This Life

(ReR Megacorp; 1989)

Give this sticker to a merkin maker, a beard grower. Someone who excels at the bait and switch; someone who presents things as they actually are, locking eyes and jaws and elbows.

29. Sister Carol:
Black Cinderella

(Jah Life; 1984)

Give this sticker to an analyst, a historian. Someone who will work backwards from the evidence; some who organizes things for maximum impact; someone who speaks into an ongoing discussion, verb by shattered verb.

28. Roseanne Cash:
King's Record Shop

(Columbia; 1987)

Give this sticker to a copy-editor, a disc jockey. Someone who reverses punctuation; someone who likes things loose and expressive while maintaining clarity; someone who dries herbs with a simple breath.

27. Deep Freeze Mice:
War, Famine, Death, Pestilence, and Miss Timberlake

(Cordelia; 1987)

Give this sticker to a skeet shooter, an animal photographer. Someone who will wade through the chafe for a moment of transcendence, lurking, a coming landslide.

27. Zeena Parkins:
Something Out There

(No Man's Land; 1987)

Give this sticker to a pharmacologist, a fry cook. Someone that likes seeing things simmer; someone who can handle complex syllables; someone who chews off their own fingernails.

25. XTC:
English Settlement

(Virgin; 1982)

Give this sticker to trigonometry. Like, the math. Or just someone who likes trigonometric functions, of which this is one of the finest.

24. Danielle Dax:

(Initial Recording Company; 1983)

Give this sticker to a tunnel carver, a brewer. Someone who doesn’t mind dank spaces; someone who thrives on echos; someone: a spark, a drift, a small bead of water.

23. Galaxie 500:
On Fire

(Rough Trade; 1989)

Give this sticker to a lover of shoelaces, a tour guide, a tiny forest animal tracker. Someone who lives via their feet; someone whose greatest fear is frostbite. The earth trembles in erotic glee beneath this someone.

22. Eric B. & Rakim:
Paid in Full

(4th & Broadway; 1987)

Give this sticker to a humble bragger, a funk drummer. Someone who can recognize a thing, and what that thing is when that thing is done well; someone who eats hot peppers whole, churning, collating, a kaleidoscope.

21. Rip Rig + Panic:
I Am Cold

(Virgin; 1982)

Give this sticker to a mermaid, a gospel preacher. Someone who lives for the elegiac, the epic; someone who casts stones to see them float; someone who lingers in presence long after the corporeal form has left, stalking.

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