Cropped Blurt album cover.

Top Albums of the 1980s, Package #7

By Mark Abraham & Dom Sinacola · Oct 04, 2012

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40. African Head Charge:
Off the Beaten Track

(On-U Sound; 1985)

Give this sticker to a whelp, a whining wizard: a prophet. Someone who practices archaeology with their eyes; someone who wraps fat ‘round bone; someone who superimposes meat on stone.

39. Nanci Griffith:
The Last Of The True Believers

(Philo; 1986)

Give this sticker to a cannibal, a soothsayer. Someone who is attracted to the oddity of humanity, strangely; someone who dips toes in cool water while singing soft syllables; someone who whips cream.

38. Beat Happening:

(K; 1988)

Give this sticker to a random child. Someone who licks fingers while eating; someone orally fixated; someone who needs focus for untethered experiencing; someone who bolds words unnecessarily.

37. Blurt:

(Red Flame; 1982)

Give this sticker to a baker, a domestic worker. Someone crying out for variety; someone drying all the linen; someone moving things akimble, just to see the rise.

36. Sonic Youth:
Daydream Nation

(Enigma; 1988)

Burn this sticker. It is the rage of a now-aged generation; it will not save us. Sprinkle its ashes on modern dissent to help it grow.

35. Ellen Fullman:
The Long String Instrument

(Het Apollohuis; 1985)

Give this sticker to a meditator, a metallurgist. Someone with patience, sure, but also a curiosity; someone who forces fingers through too-small holes; someone who truly understands “pacing.”

34. Prince:
Dirty Mind

(Warner Bros; 1980)

Give this sticker to an alien, an addict, to an itinerant itcher. Someone insatiable. Someone who’s game for whatever it takes to get that next fix; someone who can and will convince you of anything. And then turn on you.

33. Monoton:
Monotonprodukt 02 (Blau)

(Monoton; 1980)

Give this sticker to your Tandy CoCo 3. It’s a nice, stylish accessory.

32. Mekons:
Fear & Whiskey

(Sin; 1985)

Give this sticker to a poet, a rain dancer. Someone who delights in the sound of things; someone who curves curated curlicues in on themselves; someone who likes to get drunk.

31. 8-Eyed Spy:
8-Eyed Spy

(Fetish; 1981)

Give this sticker to a dungeon master, a motivational speaker. Someone who knows there is strength in cadence; someone who leaves things to chance; someone who fashions hairdos out of wax and strips of colored suede.

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