Cropped Fourth Drawer Down album cover.

Top Albums of the 1980s, Package #6

By Mark Abraham & Dom Sinacola · Oct 03, 2012

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50. Chris & Cosey:
Technø Primitiv

(Rough Trade; 1985)

Give this sticker to a toll booth operator, a pit crew worker. Someone who values the corh-rec speed, change, and personality; someone who still likes their rivets and punches precise.

49. Associates:
Fourth Drawer Down

(Situation 2; 1981)

Give this sticker to a monster truck operator, a mech-mounter, a Russian Doll. Someone who relishes in exoskeletons upon exoskeletons; someone for whom Feng Shui is a warm, safe promise.

48. Young Marble Giants:
Colossal Youth

(Rough Trade; 1980)

Give this sticker to one of Hannibal’s elephants. Someone who needs comfort in the cold; someone with thick skin; someone who only makes noise when necessary.

47. Judds:
Why Not Me

(RCA; 1984)

Give this sticker to a bartender, a hurdler. Someone who thinks dexterity is as important as endurance; someone who cleans first and asks questions later; someone who likes open spaces.

46. Coil:
Horse Rotorvator

(Force & Form; 1986)

Give this sticker to the Angel of Death as supplication. For it knows not what it does; it is nothing more than a machine after all.

45. Judy Nylon & Crucial:
Pal Judy

(On-U Sound; 1982)

Give this sticker to a test signal generator, an oncologist. Someone who will analyze for days; someone who would fill the troughs of the world with cream soda; someone who feels self-important.

45. Tamia & Pierre Favre:
Blues for Pedro Arcanjo

(T; 1983)

Give this sticker to a repair shop fixer, a desert wanderer. Someone who sees the diversity of life in a series of very similar guts; someone who can navigate with no clear sense of dih-recion.

43. Janet Jackson:

(A&M; 1986)

Give this sticker to Janet Jackson. Obvs.

42. Scientist:
Scientist Wins the World Cup

(Greensleeves, 1982)

Give this sticker to a dredger, a weekend yard sale enthusiast. Someone who likes to put in the effort; someone who searches the deep; someone who thinks there’s always a little clean up that can be done later.

41. Anne Gillis:

(Rangehen; 1989)

Give this sticker to an origami expert, a meteorologist. Someone who sees the shape in silence; someone who organizes the ethereal; someone who draws on skin to map out unfinished ideas.

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