Cropped Fluvial album cover.

Top Albums of the 1980s, Package #5

By Mark Abraham & Dom Sinacola · Oct 03, 2012

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60. Matrimony:
Kitty Finger

(Frock; 1989)

Give this sticker to a necromancer, a lion tamer. Someone who believes that drawing things out is more important than putting them on display; someone who counts individual teeth as coherent epistemologies.

59. Misfits:
Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood

(Plan 9; 1983)

Give this sticker to yourself as an adult. Remember what it was like to be a kid, but also remember what it is like to be grown. Paint your fingernails these colors. Vibrate.

58. Minutemen:
Double Nickels on the Dime

(SST; 1984)

Give this sticker to a hallucination, a halo of flies which dissipates when neared. Someone who is simultaneously fat and skinny, who is spry enough to race you to the oasis and then guffaw at being the first to discover there’s no water left.

57. Replacements:

(Sire; 1985)

Give this sticker to a chef, a stylist. Someone who balances to bring order; someone worn for wearing; someone who still likes to push the envelope of old formulas.

56. Dolly Mixture:
Demonstration Tapes

(Dead Good Dolly Platters; 1983)

Give this sticker to a Jack Merridew enthusiast. Y’know: just because.

55. Nuno Canavarro:
Plux Quba

(Ama Romanta; 1988)

Give this sticker to a physicist, a plumber. Someone who likes to keep trying to make things connect; someone who loves unimpeded sequences; someone who counts sheep, but only between “0” and “1.”

54. Catherine Jauniaux:

(Woof; 1983)

Give this sticker to a hardware store employee, a craft store junky. Someone who knows what you need to build things; someone who buys sparkly shit anyways; someone who is fascinated with lips.

53. New Order:
Power, Corruption & Lies

(Factory; 1983)

Give this sticker to a mourner, to a tuxedo saturated with salt water. Someone who presses on though pressing on is misery; someone who obeys the Food Pyramid because that is the right thing to do.

52. Half Japanese:
1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts

(Armageddon, 1980)

Give this sticker to a pawn shop owner, a vintage buyer. Someone who likes to breathe new life into old things; someone who thinks of the past as a palette, an organ donation for cultural kidney failure.

51. Wolf Vostell:
Dé-Coll/age Musik

(Multhipla; 1982)

Give this sticker to a blurbler, a lip skipper. Someone who likes cleavers and pen lights and scissors and axes. Anything to make a portion, and the thread to sew stuff back together.

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