Cropped Soul Discharge album cover.

Top Albums of the 1980s, Package #10

By Mark Abraham & Dom Sinacola · Oct 05, 2012

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10. Cocteau Twins:

(4AD; 1984)

Give this sticker to a shimmering soul. Someone who likes religion but doesn’t need institution; someone who has the urge to worship but not the unwill to follow; someone who snorkels through divinity.

09. This Heat:

(Rough Trade; 1981)

Give this sticker to an architect. Someone who wants to design an environment so claustrophobic it inverts itself into something airy and effervescent; someone who taps absentminded opuses on tables.

08. Mary Margaret O'Hara:
Miss America

(Virgin; 1988)

Give this sticker to a long-lost lover. Stew.

07. Grace Jones:

(Island; 1981)

Give this sticker to a stage manager, a stylist. Someone who thinks aesthetic and organization go hand in hand; someone who breaths neon; someone who massages wrinkles out of oscillators, coaxing a dull brightness.

06. Meredith Monk:
Dolmen Music

(ECM; 1981)

Give this sticker to a collage-master, a claims adjuster. Someone who doesn’t see borders because they are invisible anyways; someone who drowned once but liked the taste of seaweed.

05. EPMD:
Strictly Business

(Fresh; 1988)

Give this sticker to a court scribe, a binding arbitrator. Someone who records with inhibition; someone with a secret stash of construction paper; someone who walks in straight lines and talks like a helicopter.

04. Kate Bush:
Hounds of Love

(EMI; 1985)

Give this sticker to Kate Bush. Or try to. She’ll probably hand it back a second later and it will now be a glowing butterfly and also the reincarnation of Eleanor Roosevelt. You can’t make it that. You are not Kate Bush. Sorry!

03. Boredoms:
Soul Discharge

(Shimmy-Disc; 1989)

Give this sticker to a television writer, a bbq contest judge. Someone who likes stuff in other stuff, on top of more stuff, adjacent to the original stuff. Maybe just give this sticker to Rube Goldberg.

02. Talk Talk:
Spirit of Eden

(EMI; 1988)

Give this sticker to the earth. Let it fester there, roots expanding and joining with other roots, caressing, fawning, a new evolution. With more harmonicas.

01. Lizzy Mercier Descloux:
Mambo Nassau

(ZE; 1981)

Give this sticker to humanity and say, “let this be what you aspire to be.”

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