Dom's childhood journal.

Every Entry from Dom's Childhood Journal

By Dom Sinacola · Nov 14, 2013
14 September 1989

Dear Journal,

Yesterday I missed my mom and I cried.

15 September 1989

Dear Journal,

Miss Delidow gave me a bugs book.

16 September 1989

Dear Journal,

I wnt bowling with Marc and Vinnie.

17 September 1989

Dear Journal,

Today was my first day of catecism. It was fun.

18 September 1989

Dear Journal,

I love my whole family.

19 September 1989

Dear Journal,

We made a monkey puppet.

20 September 1989

Dear Journal,

my butin brke and I cried.

21 September 1989

Dear Journal,

I playd with Ted.

22 September 1989

Dear Journal,

Ted came over today after school.

25 September 1989

Dear Journal,

I brought my Nintendo folder to scool.

26 September 1989

Dear Journal,

Today I was sick and I cried. Tonight was my open house at school.

27 September 1989

Dear Journal,

I made a mouse toDay. Sean went home sick.

28 September 1989

Dear Journal,

Right now I’m watching Mission Impossible.

29 September 1989

Dear Journal,

We had a Birthday party for Brandon.

1 October 1989

Dear Journal,

It was my birthday.

2 October 1989

Dear Journal,

I went to dinner and had a good time.

10 October 1989

Dear Journal,

My alrges were bad today.

13 October 1989

Dear Journal,

I went to the pumpkin patch toDay.

18 October 1989

Dear Journal,

I played binGO and I won.

20 October 1989

Dear Journal,

Marc spent the night.

26 October 1989

Dear Journal,

I Read a desert book.

8 November 1989

Dear Journal,

Daddy broke His toes Today.

29 May 1990

last SaterDay David (my cousin) gave me a new Ninja Turle toy Boy DiD I like It. Its Name is trisaraton.

10 October 1990

Dear Journal,

I’m in Secind grad now and my teacher is mrs. Salmon. Weve all ready had 26 days of school.

11 October 1990

Dear Journal,

Thar are new Simpsons shows on, and Bart weres a difret coler of t-shirt.

20 May 1993

Dear Journal,

It has been awhile since I wrote in this journal. I’m in fourth grade and am almost done with school. My teacher is Mrs. Harrington, she gives a book report every month. It’s sometimes hard but it gets you ready for fifth grade. Today we shared our alians that we could either draw or make 3-D. I decided to draw my alian his name was Venroid and was from the planet Venus. With our alians we had to make a travel guide including facts about our planet, and as you know my planet was Venus. We have been learning about digestion, cells, and the blood in growing health. Tomorrow my class will be taking the test on digestion. Yesterday we did our skits on the liver.

15 August 1993

Dear Journal,

Today was the day that I came home from up north. I went there because my aunt Vida was having a family reunion. When we got there we had to stay in a hotel like the Addams Family’s house. The air conditioning didn’t work because it was full of dirt. The furniture looked like it was from the 1930’s. There were cracks in the bathtub, and the toilet water was green. The checkout counter woman was a jerk, or as my dad would say, a bitch. The pool was above ground and about 5 feet in diameter. When we got to my aunt’s they had tents with tables and chairs under them. A little bit beside the tents there was a moonwalk, and if we’d go running into a wall, we would fly off. The second day we were there my cousin Matt came. We said hi, but then he said, “look at those pretty girls over there. You want to do some…investigating.” So then we spent the whole day following the girls around. At very end of the day my cousin Frankie gave us tips on girls. We asked him to go talk to the girls and tell them that I liked one girl, and Matt liked another. Finally, when we went over and talked to them I knew I had found my first love.

When we finally got home from our trip I went upstairs to go check on our pet hamster. Turbo. I found him laying on his back and not breathing, he was dead. We buried him in the backyard in a ultra slim fast box, with his toilet paper roll, that he used to climb in. I will always remember little Turbo.

Oh, and by the way my cousin Marc is spending the night because we have golf league tomorrow.

16 August 1993

Dear Journal,

Marc is still here. He’s going to spend the night again. Today on golf he got a 66 and I got a 63. We played in the same group, with my friends Ryan Malone and Nick Banka. On the 4th hole Ryan lost 3 balls on just the tee off. When we got back from the league, Eric Shaeffer was watching us while my mom was at work. He brought his magic trunk and showed us how to do cool magic tricks. We showed all our neighbors the tricks and they eventually found out how to do them.

All I have to say right now is that while I was writing my brother was running around, singing the Dennis the Menace theme song and playing with his clicker at the same time. When he was done singing he threw the clicker down and it landed on his foot. Also he jumped in Marcs sleeping bag and yelled “Humpy, Humpy, Baby.” Just now he farted on me.

5 November 1993

Dear Journal,

I’m, back, and in fifth grade. My teacher is Mrs. Russ, very tough and strict, but nice and humorous. She says that I am an excellent student, and very smart. Andy Sanford, a smart alec kid in my class who ever since first grade has been trying to be the best in the grade and trying to be smarter than me, is starting to ease up and is starting to slip with his work in school.

Last, on the way home from the mall tonight, I was starting to get a feeling that I had to do something with my life right now, but my brain wasn’t telling me what. It was a puzzling and abnormal feeling. I am still trying to find out what I have to do with my life, and why did that feeling strike me?

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