Banshee: Season 2

By Dom Sinacola · Sep 27, 2013

It was no surprise that Banshee, the fucking bat-shit pulp-something-or-other action drama from Alan Ball and TV newcomers Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler, would be renewed for a second season, and not just because Cinemax has got nothing better to do. The show treats moments of deus ex machina as matter of fact, so much so that the only thing unexpected about the chaos that is the fractured lives of these characters is when everything around them doesn’t come burning to the ground in an exceptionally violent fashion. Is there tension in that, or simply exhaustion? Regardless, in no other television series will you get to watch a freakish pansexual albino get his dick cut off and then his neck broken over a barbell.

In Season 2, check out…

…Rabbit experience a bit of elliptical storytelling when, narrowly escaping the FBI, he makes his way to Eastern Oregon where he starts a new family and becomes a Scientologist in a small but affluent suburban community. He adopts the name “Charlie St. Cloud” and learns to love again.

…Job and Sugar starting their own nannying business: Sugar and Spice! (Exclamation mark was Job’s idea.) They’re fired from their first gig after showing up smelling of blood and whiskey. Also: they were covered in blood. Like head-to-toe covered.

…Hood’s underbite grow to Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade lengths.

…Gordon become more and more comfortable smoking joints around his kids.

…Deva and Max become more and more uncomfortable with how their dad’s high all the time.

…Burton utter his first multi-syllabic word: “dungarees.”

…Hood cut off the sleeves of his sheriff’s uniform.

…how, now that her family’s gone, Carrie becomes really addicted to Storage Wars. Also: oxycodone.

…how, following his bombing of the casino and inadvertently killing the mayor, Kai Proctor loses all zeal for the criminal life and takes up crocheting. Also: having sex with his niece. Eventually he decides to become a sommelier at Sugar’s bar. He’s very happy after that.

…how the mayor’s wife really isn’t all that bothered.

…Deva finally going easy on the lipstick.

…Max discovering the music of Rusted Root. And really digging it. His asthma almost magically disappears.

…Siobhan getting a PS4 when it comes out, and everyone totally wanting to chill at her new place. Unfortunately, her “new place” is a dank hotel room, so the only person that ever comes over is Emmett, but completely out of pity.

…Brock getting a wicked-ass nose ring.

…Olek’s ghost haunt the fuck out of everybody.

…Hood, finally, fucking shave regularly.

…Hood take a trip to Ikea and finally get some Vejmons and Hektars and Söderhamns to spruce his place up a bit.

…how the Tribe, following tragedy, cuts their losses, gets over everything, and calls it a day. The season ends after four episodes because everything’s cool. It’s very satisfying.

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