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What is This Thing Anyway?

By Staff · Aug 26, 2012

Oh hi. You’ve found us, and we refer to “us” as “the Damper.”

What is the Damper?

Let us tell you! Are you interested in obsessive dwellings-upon about under-appreciated actors like Brad Dourif, ponies, 24, unreleased Groupon groupons, Matt Damon, and the Kardashians? Then the Damper is like the heaven on earth Belinda Carlisle sang about. Make us your homepage! You can be the one person in the world who doesn’t use Google as your homepage, and we can all smile!

I’m not sure how I feel about those things.

Oh. Then: the Damper is mostly Dom Sinacola, Kaylen Hahn, and Mark Abraham—with the occasional guest appearance from their friends—writing about movies, music, television, and other stuff in critical and non-critical ways.

I’m sure I like ponies and Ron Perlman but unsure about Groupon and 24.

Look at you! Unconventional to the end! This is why we found it hard to break up with you in college.

But really: welcome. We’re glad you’re here. We encourage you to write with sharpie marker on your computer screen to fill out our Matt Libs. Most of all, we encourage you to comment and argue and—if you find you share a lot more than blood type and hatred for ampersands—to pitch us an idea for a piece or a column. We’re usually pretty game. You can get at us at to pitch us something. Show us something you’ve done before. Make us really ludicrous lists. Send us bribes.

What’s your spoiler policy?

In short: we’re chock full of spoilers. Any article that is about something that can be spoiled most likely discusses things that can be spoiled. Except for For Reals Spoilers, of course, where, spoiler, the spoilers are fake.

More specifically? In terms of television shows, once an episode has aired we will talk about what happened in it. If you really want to watch that episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians for yourself you should probably avoid the corresponding article until you’ve seen it. Similarly, an article about Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going to spoil a lot about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and further it will do so without making sense to anybody who hasn’t seen the show. So: spoilers, and no spoiler warnings. We will not, however, spoil things in headlines or front page images. (The one exception to these rules about television is if the article is about an adaptation like Game of Thrones and we reference non-show details from the source material, in which case there will be a spoiler warning.)

Now, we get that movies and video games are different. Here, we will post spoiler warnings on material where the property in question is less than a year old. Beyond that? If you’re worried, your rule of thumb should be to avoid things. Our few video game reviews do focus on plot developments, which might not matter so much in a review of, say, Skyrim, but probably would annoy you if you wanted to stay unspoiled about BioShock: Infinite.

In short, your rule of thumb should be this: if you haven’t seen (or played) the thing you see an article on? There will most likely be spoilers in that article, even if there isn’t an explicit spoiler warning at the top.

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